With an abundance of onsite local and regional utilities, Heritage is not just another development in the middle of the desert with no infrastructure. There is access to water, electricity, gas and sewer solutions throughout the property.


As a sustainable master-planned community, Heritage is being planned with all public works and technological infrastructure required to meet the needs of the modern day residents, businesses and industries it will serve.

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Storm Water Management

The land’s major drainage features will be maintained in a natural state throughout Heritage. Planners and engineers are creatively designing around major drainage features while leaving natural buffer zones between development and the natural runoff channels.

Natural channels provide many benefits to Heritage:

  • Storm water flow is maintained, so historical drainage patterns remain intact.
  • Major drainage features provide migration corridors for wildlife in the area and maintain a critical habitat.
  • The drainage channels are pleasant natural landforms that will be enjoyed by those who use adjacent walking, bike and horse trails.