Commerce & Industry

Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehousing, Logistics

Anchored by Tucson and Phoenix, IPAZ/PLP represent a unique regional opportunity for economic development and job growth.

Large commercial warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities will be developed to accommodate even the largest national and international companies, most of whom require state-of-the art facilities.

Linked to cross country and international rail and roadways.

As global trade continues to grow, inland ports and rail-served industrial facilities will offer a relief valve to congested coastal ports while providing a more cost effective solution to logistics. Attributes that are typically critical to the success of inland ports are a market of three million customers within 200 miles, a major direct connection to one or more seaports, easy access to interstates/rail and have Foreign Trade Zone capability.

Heritage’s industrial parks have it all.

With over 1,600 acres available, the ability to land an entire unit train and offer parcels of varied sizes and shapes, IPAZ/PLP will be tailored to accommodate any user profile. Transportation is more important than ever, and Heritage’s industrial parks will provide an advantage that is unmatched in the region. With the close proximity to I-8 and I-10, the onsite Union Pacific rail service and having already been shortlisted by site selectors, this project will truly become an international hub for business in this global economy.